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We recognize the extraordinary pain, suffering and stigma that families often endure when a loved one has behavioral and emotional problems.  Acknowledging this fact, Benjamin Behavioral Health offers expert diagnosis (including any needed medical or psychological testing) and ongoing support for patients and their families. Furthermore, it is our belief that fully understanding each individual’s needs and then devising a unique treatment plan-- based on scientific knowledge and carried out with compassion--is the best way to restore hope.

It is also our belief, as medical doctors and psychologists, that children come into the world striving to do the best they can. Disordered brain functioning plus environmental stress, however, can sometimes result in behavioral problems, and these may appear very early in life. We believe that an insightful evaluation and an effective treatment plan depend on mental health professionals appreciating both brain and environmental factors. 

Early treatment results in early success and improvement in the quality of life as one gets older.

Emotional disorders can also occur later, during any stage in our adult lives. Immediate and optimal diagnoses and treatment leads to quicker recovery and functioning for those of all ages.

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